Study online for your South African or International Checkpoint and GCSE with HeartGuardian CambriAcademy.

The following subjects are available for the CIE International Exams:    Mathematics, English Literature, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, Co-ordinated Sciences, Geography, History, ICT, Computer Science, French, German, Spanish, and Business Studies.

The following subjects are available for Edexcel exams:    Mathematics, English Literature, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, Science (Single-Award), Science (Double-Award), Religious Studies, Geography, History, ICT, Computer Science, French, German, Spanish, Business Studies and Physical Education.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does HeartGuardian Online CambriAcademy Provide?
We are facilitators of an award winning online International GCSE learning program for South African students wanting to enrol for the South African GCSE program.
This outstanding program is designed to ensure that students are fully prepared for these exams and can be used by homeschooling students.  The program could be used for student from level 8 / Checkpoint and upwards.
The program offers more then 6500 learning videos, each around 3-5 minutes long.  We set unique assignments for each topic which is used to test the students knowledge.  The system is designed to ensure that gaps are picked up during assignments ensuring that we cover all areas of every topic and lesson.  Revision is automatically assigned to the student.
Assessments are offered in the form of multiple choice and assessed as the student completes the assessments.  Weak areas are highlighted to ensure that the student can go back to these areas where understanding was not at the correct level.
The program contains 14 supplementary subjects in addition to the 16 International GCSE subjects.  All these subjects are included in the enrolment fee.  Students are able to register throughout the year, and will have a full 12 months access on the program.
We have 3 start dates throughout the year.  Should the student want to extend their subscription then they can enroll again to continue with their online studies where they finished off.  It is advisable to extend the period before the expiry of the subscription to avoid a break in the learning.
Students are able to work at their own pace with or without the assistance of parents or tutors.  Should a student experience difficulty in a specific area we are able to book a private tutor session via zoom if needed.  These private sessions can be booked on our website under option 1 or Option 2.
The program provides homework in every subject as per the tutor assignments.
Students are able to join our Cambri Online Acedemy server where they are able to interact with each other and assist each other.  Free exam and subject advice is available on all our social media platforms.  Private sessions are also available to assist parents with personalised plans.
This content is currently offered in 40 countries and has been produced for mobile devices, laptops and desktops.
Who can use this program?
Any student from the age of 13 can use this program to prepare for the South African International GCSE program, depending on their level of education, as well as in preparation for their tertiary education This program will successfully prepare them for their progression to AS levels.  This program could be used all over the globe and prepare the for the UK related GCSE exams as well.
Remember that anyone at any age can enrol  for this program and for the GCSE exams.  There are no age restrictions.
The exams for the International and South African GCSE is not included in the enrolment fee and is a completely separate entity.  Exam centres are available across South Africa.  These exam centres will charge an administration fee as well as the International CIE or Pearson Edexcel exam fee.
TutorCentres will benefit greatly from this program to assist their students to prepare successfully for this program.
Is this program only for GCSE studies?
This program offers additional subjects to enhance and provide well rounded education for homeschoolers or school going students who wish to broaden and enhance their skills.  These subjects can also be used for primary learners who are interested in broadening their knowledge.
Remember that we provide all the endorsed textbooks from Foundation Phase to Advance levels.  Student books, workbooks and extra learning material is available for all the levels.
  • Music Theory
  • Music
  • Texts for Drama
  • Design and Technology
  • Food preparation
  • Health and Fitness
  • Physical Education
  • Study Smart
  • Health and Fitness
  • Keeping Fit and Healthy
  • Achieve Maths
  • Achieve English
  • Creative Media


How does it work?
Students can enrol all year round according to our provided terms.
Once the student unrolls and registration fees are paid the student will have instant access to all the available 30 subjects.  We highly recommend using the system with the prescribed endorsed textbooks for the IGCSE CIE curriculum.  All study guides are available online which could be used in conjunction with this program.  It is advisable that every student download the free syllabus and study guides from the CIE website to ensure that they are following a well provided structure.
Students are also able to pick only certain topics according to the syllabus for the year they are writing their CIE IGCSE exams.
What does it cost?
The yearly subscription fee is R10 000 per annum per student for the first 10 students to register. Thereafter it is R12 000 per student.
Full support is available to our students by phone or email from our team of tutors.  Extra private tutor sessions can be booked at an extra cost and booked on our website.
Tutor centres pay R10 000 per student and could arrange for extra learning and assessment materials to be assigned at an additional cost, depending on the content needed.
Which subjects are available for South African GCSE exams on this program:
Below is a full list of the subjects available for the International and South African GCSE program.  It is recommended that these subjects are used if you are only using this program to complete your South African and International GCSE exams and to advance to AS exams.
  • English Language
  • English Literature*
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Combined Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • ICT
  • Computer Science
  • Business Studies
*is a recognised subject but does not count towards university exemption.

Afrikaans is not available as part of this program, but will be available on our website as part of our online tutoring services soon.  Afrikaans is already available as part of our tutor sessions on our website.

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