Cambridge International AS & A Level Thinking Skills Coursebook


Subject(s):Critical Thinking
Qualification:Cambridge AS and A Level
Author(s):Mark Dawes, Ruth Matthews, Andrew Roberts, Geoff Thwaites

This series helps students and teachers following the Cambridge AS & A Level Thinking Skills syllabus (9694)


Universities and employers have high expectations for 21st century learners. They want students who can think critically, collaborate efficiently and produce creative solutions to problems. With more practice questions than the previous edition, this coursebook provides opportunities for students to improve both their critical thinking and problem solving skills. It walks students through different scenarios – such as drawing conclusions from arguments – explaining the thinking process involved and helping to increase confidence when thinking independently. Suggested answers to the coursebook questions are in the teacher’s resource.


  • Exam-style questions throughout the book give students opportunities to practise their skills and build confidence with Cambridge AS & A Level Thinking Skills.
  • Published by the experts that brought you other skills-based syllabuses – Global Perspectives and English General Paper.
  • Example activities with commentary show how to approach questions and help students to understand critical thinking and problem solving concepts.
  • Two clear parts – critical thinking and problem solving – make it easy to co-teach.


How to Use This Book
Section 1: Problem Solving
1. What do we mean by a 'problem'?
2. Selecting and using information
3. Processing data
4. Working with models
5. Solving problems by searching
6. Finding methods of solution
7. Trends in data
8. Transforming data
9. Summarised Data
10. Identifying features of a model
11. Necessary and Sufficient Conditions
12. Changing the scenario of a problem
Section 2: Critical Thinking
13. An introduction to critical thinking
14. Claims, statements, and assertions
15. Assessing claims
16. Grounds, reasons, and evidence
17. Evaluating evidence: a case study
18. Statistical evidence
19. Uses of evidence: inference and explanation
20. Identifying argument
21. Analysing argument
22. Interpretation
23. Assumptions
24. Evaluating argument
25. Applying logic
26. Longer texts
27. Multiple sources

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