PenPals for Handwriting: Workbook:Year 6 (Pack of 10)


Format:Multiple copy pack
Author(s):Gill Budgell, Kate Ruttle

Penpals for Handwriting is a complete handwriting scheme for 3–11 year olds.

The Year 6 Penpals for Handwriting Workbook gives children the opportunity to work on the speed and fluency of their writing. The workbooks provide opportunities for additional guided practice of the unit’s handwriting focus and link it to a relevant grammar, punctuation or spelling focus to provide meaningful contextualised practice. The disposable two-colour write-in Workbooks are sold in packs of 10.


Offers children the opportunity to consolidate letter formation.

Augments the interactive resource.

Provides plenty of opportunity to perfect letter formation through repetition.


Term 1 1 Spelling – style for speed: –tion, –tious 2 Grammar – style for speed: antonyms 3 Grammar – style for speed: active and passive 4 Spelling – style for speed: –ence, –ent, –ance, –ant 5 Spelling – style for speed: –ise, –ice 6 Spelling – style for speed: looping from b 7 Spelling strategies – style for speed: syllabification 8 Presentation – different styles for different purposes: abbreviations 9 Grammar – spacing between words: informal and formal 10 Assessment Term 2 11 Improving handwriting – proportion: grammar cohesion and punctuation 12 Improving handwriting – proportion: grammar and spelling 13 Improving handwriting – spacing within words: punctuation hyphen 14 Improving handwriting – using the baseline: fronting adverbials 15 Improving handwriting – parallel ascenders and descenders: Spelling –ible, –able 16 Improving handwriting – closed and open letters: Spelling –ent, –ence, –ant, –ance 17 Improving handwriting fluency – grammar: subject and object noun phrases 18 Improving handwriting – pen breaks in longer words: colon, semi-colon and comma 19 Improving handwriting annotations – Grammar: ellipsis 20 Assessment Term 3 21 Handwriting for different purposes – grammar: conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions 22 Handwriting for different purposes – punctuation: parenthesis (dash, brackets, commas) 23 Handwriting for different purposes – grammar: verb tenses 24 Handwriting for different purposes – grammar: formal and informal synonyms 25 Handwriting for different purposes – grammar: punctuation and relative pronouns 26 Handwriting for different purposes – grammar: punctuation and main and subordinate clauses 27 Handwriting for different purposes – presentation: strategies for spelling 28 Handwriting for different purposes – Punctuation 29 Self-assessment 30 Certificate: practising patterns

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