PenPals for Handwriting Teacher’s Book Year 6


  • ISBN:9781845657413
  • Format:Spiral bound
  • Subject(s):Literacy
  • Author(s):Gill Budgell, Kate Ruttle

Penpals for Handwriting is a complete handwriting scheme for 3–11 year olds.

The Year 6 Penpals for Handwriting Teacher’s Book provides clear step-by-step instructions on how to teach each unit including: An outline of the unit’s key learning whole-class teaching support linked to Penpals Interactive links to the use of the corresponding Practice Books and workbooks with suggestions for both group work and independent work. suggestions for extra practice and home practice. Guidance on common errors and what to do about them. You'll also find a full scope and sequence for the whole scheme showing progression of skills and links to English National Curriculum requirements, a beginning of year assessment to help you track pupil progress and photocopy masters for extra handwriting practice and homework. The Year 6 Teacher’s Book includes best practice guidance on helping children master speed and fluency. By this stage, children should be confident in writing by hand. Children are introduced to developing style for speed and looking at different handwriting styles for different purposes. They make choices about which letters to join to develop a personalised style as well as tools for writing.


  • Comprehensive support material, written by experts.
  • Step-by-step introduction and development of the unit objective.
  • Penpals links letter-formation practice with spelling patterns.
  • User-friendly portrait format in response to customer feedback.
  • Gives you the language to teach handwriting and to correct common errors.

Term 1 1 Style for speed: joining from t 2 Style for speed: joining from g 3 Style for speed: joining from j and y 4 Style for speed: looping from f 5 Style for speed: different joins to s 6 Style for speed: looping from b 7 Style for speed: joining from v, w, x and z 8 Handwriting for different purposes: abbreviations 9 Spacing between words 10 Assessment: personal style for speed and fluency Term 2 11 Improving handwriting: the importance of consistent sizing 12 Improving handwriting: the importance of proportion 13 Improving handwriting: the importance of spacing 14 Improving handwriting: the importance of consistent proportions 15 Improving handwriting: the importance of closed and open letters 16 Improving handwriting: pen breaks in longer words 17 Handwriting for different purposes: annotations 18 Handwriting for different purposes 19 Choice of handwriting tools 20 Assessment Term 3 21 Handwriting for different purposes: fast joined and print letters 22 Handwriting for different purposes: note making 23 Handwriting for different purposes: neat writing 24 Handwriting for different purposes: print letters for personal details 25 Different styles of writing 26 Handwriting for different purposes: presentation 27 Handwriting for different purposes: decorated capitals 28 Handwriting for different purposes: layout 29 Assessment 30 Handwriting for different purposes: handwriting patterns

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