PenPals for Handwriting: Workbook:Year 3 (Pack of 10)


Format:Multiple copy pack
Author(s):Gill Budgell, Kate Ruttle

Penpals for Handwriting is a complete handwriting scheme for 3–11 year olds.

The Year 3 Penpals for Handwriting Workbook offers children plenty of opportunity to practise basic and more complicated joins. The workbooks provide opportunities for additional guided practice of the unit’s handwriting focus and link it to a relevant grammar, punctuation or spelling focus to provide meaningful contextualised practice. The disposable two-colour write-in Workbooks are sold in packs of 10.


  • Offers children the opportunity to consolidate letter formation.
  • Offers children the opportunity to consolidate letter formation.
  • Reinforces work on phonics.
  • Supported by lively illustrations.


Term 1 1 Spelling: no ascenders or descenders 2 Spelling: ascenders 3 Grammar: joining from s to ascender 4 Spelling: joining from s, no ascender 5 Grammar: joining from s to an anticlockwise letter 6 Grammar: introducing joins from r to an ascender 7 Spelling: introducing joins from r, no ascender 8 Punctuation: introducing joins from r to an anticlockwise letter 9 Spelling: joining from r to e 10 Assessment: grammar Term 2 11 Grammar: joining to f 12 Spelling: joining from f to ascender 13 Spelling and grammar: joining from f, no ascender 14 Punctuation: joining from f to an anticlockwise letter 15 Spelling: ff 16 Spelling: rr 17 Spelling: ss 18 Grammar: qu 19 Spelling: revising parallel ascenders and descenders 20 Assessment: spelling and grammar Term 3 21 Punctuation: revising joins and spacing 22 Punctuation and spelling: revising joins and spacing 23 Spelling: revising joins and size 24 Spelling and grammar: revising joins and fluency 25 Spelling: revising joins and ascenders 26 Spelling: revising joins, ascenders and descenders 27 Spelling: revising joins to anticlockwise letters 28 Spelling: revising break letters 29 Assessment: spelling 30 Spelling: revising capital letters

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