PenPals for Handwriting: Workbook:Year 2 (Pack of 10)


Format:Multiple copy pack
Author(s):Gill Budgell, Kate Ruttle

Penpals for Handwriting is a complete handwriting scheme for 3–11 year olds.

At this stage children begin to learn the four types of letter join ('diagonal to ascender', 'diagonal, no ascender', 'horizontal to ascender' and 'horizontal, no ascender'). The workbooks provide opportunities for additional guided practice of the unit’s handwriting focus and link it to a relevant grammar, punctuation or spelling focus to provide meaningful contextualised practice. The disposable two-colour write-in Workbooks are sold in packs of 10.


Offers children the opportunity to consolidate letter formation.

Links to common exception words to reinforce essential learning.

Reinforces work on phonics.

Supported by lively illustrations.


Term 1 1 Spelling: th and ch 2 Spelling: ay and ai 3 Grammar: er and ir 4 Punctuation: full stops and question marks 5 Spelling: horizontal join, no ascender 6 Plurals: ies 7 Grammar: simple past and present tense 8 Spelling: suffixes –ment, –ness, –ful, –less, –ly 9 Spelling: le, il, el, al 10 Spelling: number words Term 2 11 Grammar: making noun phrases: 12 Spelling: igh 13 Punctuation: ng and dg 14 Spelling: oo and oa 15 Grammar: wa and wo 16 Spelling: air and ear 17 Punctuation: oor and our 18 Grammar: ing 19 Grammar: break letters 20 Grammar: assessment Term 3 21 Grammar: building on diagonal join to ascender 22 Punctuation: building on diagonal join, no ascender 23 Punctuation: building on horizontal join to ascender 24 Grammar: building on horizontal join, no ascender 25 Grammar: building on diagonal join to an anticlockwise letter, no asscender 26 Punctuation: building on horizontal join to an anticlockwise letter 27 Grammar: horizontal and diagonal joins to s 28 Grammar: practising joining –ed and –ing 29 Assessment: spelling contractions 30 Capitals

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