PenPals for Handwriting: Workbook:Year 1 (Pack of 10)


Format:Multiple copy pack
Author(s):Gill Budgell, Kate Ruttle

Penpals for Handwriting is a complete handwriting scheme for 3–11 year olds.

The Year 1 Penpals for Handwriting Workbook introduces letters used within context, without joins. The workbooks provide opportunities for additional guided practice of the unit’s handwriting focus and link it to a relevant grammar, punctuation or spelling focus to provide meaningful contextualised practice. The disposable two-colour write-in Workbooks are sold in packs of 10.


  • Offers children the opportunity to consolidate letter formation and introduces the four families of join.
  • Units provide appropriate coverage of Year 1 GPS content, for example punctuation marks, lower case and capitals, and using simple verbs.
  • Links to common exception words to reinforce essential learning.
  • Reinforces work on phonics.
  • Supported by lively illustrations.

Term 1 1 Punctuation: full stop and exclamation mark 2 Grammar: sorting words I see, I do 3 Punctuation: matching lowercase and capitals 4 Grammar: prefix un– unpack, unplug, unfit, unlock 5 Spelling: common exception words my, the, put 6 Punctuation: matching lowercase and capitals 7 Spelling: adding s to make plural nouns 8 Spelling: of and off
punctuation: question mark 9 Spelling: counting syllables 10 Punctuation: matching lowercase and capitals Term 2 11 Grammar: selecting pronouns
Punctuation: full stop and question mark 12 Spelling: compound words 13 Grammar: add s or es to make plurals 14 Spell Spelling: common exception words was, with, were, very 15 Punctuation: capitals for names 16 Spelling: matching numerals and number words – zero to nine 17 Grammar: identifying nouns and writing plurals 18 Grammar: adding er and est to adjectives 19 Grammar: adding ing and ed to verbs 20 Spelling: writing the days of the week Term 3 21 Spelling: matching numerals to number words – ten to twenty 22 Punctuation: full stop and question mark 23 Grammar: adding ing to verbs 24 Spelling: making sets of rhyming words 25 Spelling: compound words 26 Grammar: wh words
Punctuation: question marks 27 Grammar: ordering words in a sentence
Punctuation: full stop, question mark and exclamation mark 28 Grammar: making plurals 29 spelling: identifying different pronounciations of ow 30 Grammar: close activity
Punctuation: full stop, question mark and exclamation mark

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