Oxford International Primary Maths: Stage 4: Age 8–9 Student Book 4


Format: Paperback
Publication date: 01 Nov 2014
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Edition: Student edition
Edition Statement: Student, Workbook
ISBN: 9780198394624

Oxford International Primary Maths takes an enquiry-based approach to learning mathematics, engaging students in the topics through asking questions that make them think, and activities that encourage them to explore and practise.
As students progress through the course, they not only learn about mathematical concepts, but also how to use problem solving techniques in their approach to studying the subject.
The topics are explored in careful stages, introducing different aspects at a pace that allows students to absorb and practise what they have learned.
Photos, illustrations and diagrams are used to help students explore and understand, and the language is clear and easy for primary children to understand.
For the teacher, the Teacher's Guides provide step-by-step notes for each lesson, guiding students through the topic, and supporting students with their language development when needed

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