NEW Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics Practical Workbook


Qualification:Cambridge AS and A Level
Author(s):Graham Jones, Steve Field, Chris Hewlett, David Styles

Fully revised and updated content matching the Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics syllabus (9702).


This workbook contains guided investigations and practice questions for Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics teachers and students. It provides opportunities to develop skills through practical investigation – planning, identifying equipment, creating hypotheses, recording results, analysing data, and evaluating. The workbook is ideal for teachers who find running practical experiments difficult due to lack of time, resources or support. Sample data- if students can’t do the experiments themselves- and answers to the questions are in the teacher’s guide.


  • Guided investigations provide opportunities for students to practise their practical skills.
  • The workbook contains help for teachers setting up practical investigations in the classroom. For more detailed support with planning and troubleshooting issues see the teacher’s guide.
  • Practice questions give students the chance to test their knowledge and help build confidence in preparation for assessment.


Safety information
Quick Skills
1. Using apparatus
2. Limitations and improvements
3. Kinematics and dynamics 4. Forces, work and energy
5. Matter and materials
6. Electric current, potential difference and resistance
7. Resistance and resistivity
8. Waves
9. Planning and data analysis
10. Circular motion and gravitational fields
11. Oscillations and communications
12. Thermal Physics and ideal gases
13. Coulomb's Law, capacitance and electronics
14. Magnetic fields, electromagnetism and charged particles
15. Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents
16. Quantum, Nuclear Physics and medical imaging.

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