Keys to Learning Games Grade R


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This Keys to Learning Kit comprises four colourful card games, a wall frieze and a teacher's guide. The cards show only pictures, numbers and symbols and can therefore be played in any language. Three of the games focus on the development of pre-reading skills. Matching Game - picture recognition, visual discrimination,grouping and matching and concentration, Category Game - comparison, matching according to common features, grouping. Orientation Game - visual discrimination, laterality/directionality, powers of observation, and concentration and memory. The fourth game, Maths Game 1, facilitates learning of counting,number names and symbols, concepts 'more', 'less' and 'equal' and sorting objects according to number and pattern. The Number Wall Frieze serves as a reference for learners. An average of five different games can be played with each pack of cards, which enable learners to participate in learning activities and have fun while doing so, encourage flexible thinking and better problem-solving ability and provide opportunities for the teacher to assess learners. The Teacher's Guide gives ideas for further activities that build on concepts taught by each game,guides evaluation of development towards achievement of Foundations for Learning milestones and facilitates inclusivity for all types of learners, keeping them busy and stimulated.

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