Gone Little Cat by Gustav Preller


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No one talked about resisting, only about pulling back and finding new spots to live, hoping that the forest was big enough for them service the human invasion. 

Pipit the cat’s happy home life with Ollie Goode is cut short. She runs away and gets lost in the forest. There she meets Aristotle, the giant owl, and makes friends with monkeys, Monk and Becky. Other animals see her as prey, and Pipit comes to realise how little it means to be a cat princess in the wild. 

But their very existence is threatened by predators of a different kind, more powerful and more dangerous - humans. The animals under Ari embark on a fateful course of action, and Pipit wonders if she’ll ever see Ollie again - if she lives and can find her way back to her home. 

While the environmental theme of deforestation is contemporary and relevant, Gone Little Cat is also growing up, understanding that one doesn’t have to be the same to be friends, and, through courage and resilience, finding one’s self in a world that contains both good and bad. 

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