EXPLORE YOUR COUNTRY Wall map of South Africa only



New Star Africa, has recently published a completely new, very special, one of a kind, map of South Africa. The map is called “EXPLORE YOUR COUNTRY” and unlike conventional maps, this map teaches Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 learners, in a fun way, how to explore and understand all about a host of very relevant and important subjects relating to South Africa.

Full of information, the map has been produced in such a way that captures the imagination and attention of these learners. It also comes with a map guide book that describes all the subjects shown on the map, in a very easy to understand way. The map also, at the same time, teaches the learners how to read a map.

The main advantage of this map, as opposed to a conventional map, is that it instantly enables children to see and understand the whole picture on a host of subjects relating to South Africa. This is done through the use of very attractive subject illustrations that are physically located in the correct places on the map, and how each of these subjects forms the various parts of what makes-up the country.


All the information relating to each of the subjects was extensively researched with the help of subject experts.


Before the map was finally published it went through rigorous tests at various schools throughout the country and received very positive results. At the same time, it was also approved by both the National Department of Basic Education and the Gauteng Province Education and is fully compatible with the school curricula. Both the map and book have also recently won an award.

Subjects covered on the map and in the map guide book are as follows:

  • National symbols
  • Travel in and around South Africa
  • All the SA government departments
  • Farming
  • The nine provinces Forestry
  • Main cities and towns
  • The manufacturing industry
  • The 9 biomes in South Africa
  • The fishing industry
  • Sporting facts
  • The mining industry
  • Indigenous plants and trees
  • Electricity industry
  • Bird life in South Africa
  • Commercial transport
  • SA World Heritage Sites
  • Distances
  • The two oceans Seasonal weather and temperatures
  • Nature reserves, game reserves,
  • wilderness areas, national parks, provincial parks

Additional information

Dimensions 1000 × 1000 cm