Developing Summary and Note-taking Skills without Answers


Subject(s):First Language English
Qualification:Cambridge IGCSE
Author(s):Marian Barry

The only endorsed resource of its kind – specifically for English as a Second Language students.


This write-in book ensures students get plenty of practice with the summary and note-taking aspects of Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language. With revised content, students can choose sections to practise, building confidence ready for the revised exam from 2019, which has a heavier weighting on summary writing. This edition does not contain answers at the back of the book so teachers can use it for classroom assessment. This book is also suitable for anyone wanting to develop academic English for university and beyond, including first language students.


  • This ‘without answers’ edition is ideal for classroom or homework use.
  • Includes Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language Core and Extended exam-style questions, providing differentiation opportunities.
  • First language students can also use this book to develop their skills.
  • Combines practice in summary and note-taking with guided help across six themes – Science and the body, Animal life, World of plants, Personal challenges, Leisure and lifestyle, and Trends – past, present and future.
  • Skills strategy training in every task helps students think about how they structure their answers.
  • The Skills builder sections in the note-taking tasks support the student turn notes into organised text.
  • The combined vocabulary and writing pages offer deeper learning and develop learning strategies.
  • The ‘with answers’ edition includes sample answers with teacher comments that help students understand what is required of them.


How to use this book: Science and the body: Note-taking 1 Tackling dyslexia in children
Summary 1 All in the mind?
Note-taking 2 Antibiotic resistance
Summary 2 The enemy within
Animal life: Note-taking 3 The thrill of watching whales
Summary 3 Why zoo cats lose their cool
Note-taking 4 Dogs on the defensive
Summary 4 Undercover cats
The world of plants: Note-taking 5 A natural antiseptic
Summary 5 The rose, queen of all flowers
Note-taking 6 Sweet talk
Summary 6 The mangoes in your trolley
Personal challenges: Note-taking 7 Lost on the mountain
Summary 7 Young ambassadors
Note-taking 8 Taking a gap year
Summary 8 My daughter can achieve whatever she wants
Leisure and lifestyle: Note-taking 9 The ugly side of clean power
Summary 9 From schoolboy to clown
Note-taking 10 The world of the Incas
Summary 10 What's for dinner, Mum?
Trends – past, present and future: Note-taking 11 B irth of a barcode
Summary 11 Pupils find internet 'a poor learning tool'
Note-taking 12 Thirsty work
Summary 12 Lost for words
Skills practice: Core level: Note-taking 13 The Huron-Wendat
Summary 13 Travel writer
Note-taking 14 The rise of the robot
Summary 14 Laughter: the best medicine
Skills practice: Extended level: Note-taking 15 The Huron-Wendat
Summary 15 Serval rescue
Note-taking 16 The rise of the robot
Summary 16 Space mission
Topic vocabulary and writing tasks: Acknowledgements.

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