Collins Big Cat – First Day : Band 06/Orange


Author: Kes Gray, Illustrated by Corky Paul, Series edited by Cliff Moon, Prepared for publication by Collins Big Cat
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01-09-2007
ISBN: 9780007186662
Pages: 24



It’s Flynn’s first day at school and he’s nervous about making a mistake. An amusing story unfolds as Flynn’s parents recount the mistakes others have made: Police officer Julie Nick gave a robber an ice cream and Ned Mutton tried to milk the chickens. Convinced he won’t do anything so silly, Flynn walks out of the house still wearing his pajamas!

• Orange/ Band 6 books offer varied text and characters, with action sustained over several pages.

• Text type – A humorous story with a familiar setting.

• A storyboard on pages 22 and 23 provides a pictorial summary of the eight funny accounts.

• Curriculum links – Citizenship: Choices; People who help us.

• This book has been leveled for Reading Recovery.

• This book has been quizzed for Accelerated Reader.

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