Python: Programming Art (Supplement 1)


Format:Spiral bound
Author(s):Chris Roffey

A unique series that provides a framework for teaching coding skills.

Create artistic applications to explore your creative side! Reinforce your programming knowledge from Python Basics and learn a few more tricks with this fun level 1 book. Activities include extending your Etch-a-Sketch and building your own drawing app. The code is suitable for Mac, Windows and Linux users and therefore compatible with the Raspberry Pi.



  • Suitable for children whose only prior knowledge is from Coding Club: Python Basics
  • Designed and written for children at Key Stage 2 and 3 (ages 7-14), offering a foundation for Key Stage 4 (ages 14-16).
  • Takes a project-based approach, allowing students to progress at different paces.
  • Can be completed in one term at school, or more quickly at home. Further time can be spent exploring different ways of completing the challenges and making adaptations.
  • An opportunity to consolidate Level 1 skills.
  • Full support, source code and answers are provided on the companion website.


Introduction Section One – Turtle Chapter 1: Introducing Turtle Chapter 2: Shapes, colour and repetition Chapter 3: Getting Creative Section Two – Building an Art App Chapter 4: From small beginnings Chapter 5: Red lines are not enough Chapter 6: Stamping and painting Taking Things Further Appendix – Useful Information Glossary The quick quiz answers Acknowledgements

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