Python: Building Big Apps (Level 3)


Author(s):Chris Roffey

A unique series that provides a framework for teaching coding skills.

Build more sophisticated apps with level 3 of Coding Club! Following on from Python: Next Steps, this lively book explains how to break down projects into manageable chunks, guiding and supporting you with building larger, more exciting projects. Activities include building a version of Pong and, using the classes created for Pong, building a Breakout game and an Invaders game, developing and learning the necessary skills to build larger apps on the way. The code is suitable for Mac, Windows and Linux users and therefore compatible with the Raspberry Pi.


  • Suitable for children whose only prior knowledge is from Coding Club: Python Basics and Next Steps.
  • Designed and written for children at Key Stage 2 and 3 (ages 7-14), offering a foundation for Key Stage 4 (ages 14-16).
  • Takes a project-based approach, allowing students to progress at different paces.
  • Can be completed in one term at school, or more quickly at home. Further time can be spent exploring different ways of completing the challenges and making adaptations.
  • Full support, source code and answers are provided on the companion website.

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