Black flag (level 3)


Author(s):Matt Langley

A unique series that provides a framework for teaching coding skills.

In Black Flag – A Coding Club Mission, your problem solving skills are tested as you join Cal on a dangerous adventure into the underground world of the anarchists who are fighting to restore freedom to the citizens of New Edgehill. Explore the companion website to complete the puzzles introduced through the chapters and don’t forget to use your rig data for hints and support. If you have completed Python Basics then you will have studied all of the necessary programming skills needed to solve the challenges. Good luck and keep your eyes open!


  • The puzzles only require basic knowledge of programming. Completing Python Basics or looking at background informatuion provided online will provide this knowledge. Having a go at the puzzles will consolidate skills.
  • Story can be read as a standalone novel if this is preferred. Puzzles fit in alongside.
  • Written by an experienced young adult fiction author.

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