Closer by Sarah van Vuuren


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When Sarah was 12 years old, she committed herself fully to her first love, Yeshua. She spent her life seeking Him, listening to His voice, and helping the bride of Messiah prepare for the time that He would sound the trumpet. Yet three years ago signaled the start of a new season in Sarah’s life, as Abba led her through a time of intense pruning and deeper sanctification of the heart. Although this period marked a journey through “pathless wilderness” and the “coldest winter” she had ever experienced, the season served a crucial purpose in her life – Yeshua was drawing her closer to Himself. 

In this book, Sarah shares these chapters of her story – the struggles, brokenness, hurt, and finally the wholeness found in this brutal yet vital process. Growth meant that she had to allow the Holy Spirit to transform the realities of her life into areas of deeper focus instead of merely going through the motions of everyday life. The heart of this book is about taking the key that Yeshua spoke about in Luke 10:42 when He told Mary that she had chosen “the good part” and that it will not be taken away from her. As the bride of Yeshua who desires a walk of closeness and friendship with Abba, it is crucial that we too lay hold of this “good part” and make it our own.

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