Cambridge Reading Adventures Pink A to Blue Bands Early Teaching and Assessment Guide with Cambridge Elevate


Format:Print/online bundle
Qualification:Cambridge Primary
Author(s):Sue Bodman, Glen Franklin

Endorsed for reading by Cambridge Assessment International Education, Cambridge Reading Adventures is our international primary reading scheme.



This teaching and assessment guide provides you with everything you need to plan and run effective reading lessons. Inside you’ll find detailed information on each title in the Early stage (Pink A to Blue Bands), full guidance on running guided-reading lessons and advice to help you manage and assess each child’s reading progress. Benchmark running-record assessment sheets are also included so you can be confident you are placing each child at the correct level. With the accompanying digital teaching and assessment guide, you’ll get access to all the information in the print guide, along with editable versions of the lesson plans, assessments and printable activity sheets for each title. The guides have been written by our series editors, experts from the Institute of Education, to help bring the best in reading practice to your classroom.


  • Feel confident leading reading lessons with your class with full teaching guidance and support.
  • Ensure each child is placed at the right level with benchmark running assessment sheets.
  • Contains detailed information on each title including learning outcomes and to support reading comprehension, grammar and spelling.
  • Understand how the titles link to the curriculum you are following with a comprehensive mapping chart.
  • Cambridge Elevate gives you access to everything you need to plan your teaching. Choose from editable Word files or PDFs for lesson plans and assessment.
  • Go directly to the resource index to download every file you need – such as activity sheets – to deliver a specific unit or lesson, so you don’t have to rely on your internet connection.
  • Cambridge Elevate is simple to navigate and personalize – highlight text, annotate, create voice notes, or organise your table of contents.

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