Cambridge Primary Science Stage 2 Learner’s Book


Qualification:Cambridge Primary
Author(s):Jon Board, Alan Cross

Cambridge Primary Science is a flexible, engaging course written specifically for the Cambridge Primary Science curriculum framework.

This Learner's Book for Stage 2 covers all objectives required by the curriculum framework in an engaging, visually stimulating manner. Learning through enquiry is supported by hands-on activity suggestions, which provide integrated coverage of the Scientific Enquiry objectives. Assessment is achieved through 'Check your progress' questions at the end of each unit.


  • Engaging, learner-friendly design.
  • Use of illustrations in explaining concepts to help visual learners and those with lower literacy.
  • Activities to develop Scientific Enquiry skills and support learning through discovery.
  • 'Words to learn' point out key vocabulary.
  • 'What you have learnt' summaries point out key learning points.
  • 'Check your progress' questions offer opportunity for assessment and preparation for tests.


1. Going outside
2. Looking at rocks
3. Changing materials
4. Light and dark
5. Electricity
6. The Earth and the Sun
Glossary and index.

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