Cambridge Primary Science Skills Builder 1


Qualification:Cambridge Primary
Author(s):Jon Board, Alan Cross

The Challenge and Skills Builders are differentiated activity books to be used alongside the Cambridge Primary Science course.

Cambridge Primary Science is a flexible and engaging course written specifically for the Cambridge Primary Science Curriculum Stages 1 to 6. The course uses an enquiry-led approach that helps pupils to think and work scientifically. Skills Builders provide consolidation activities for children who need extra learning opportunities to meet the standard for success. They also focus on scientific literacy for ESL children who find this a barrier to learning. A full range of activities help raise a child’s scientific literacy and understanding to match their peers, with teacher/parental guidance on key scientific methods and concepts before each exercise.


  • Comprehensive differentiation which meets Cambridge Science’s enquiry-based approach and underpins proper learning for all children.
  • Activity books designed to consolidate and raise the performance, by revisiting key concepts, reinforcing understanding and improving skills.
  • Focus on developing scientific literacy for ESL pupils where this is a barrier to scientific learning.
  • For the first time, offers motivational parents around the world the Cambridge way for science work at home

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