Cambridge Primary Mathematics Teacher’s Resource 2


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Format:Mixed media product
Qualification:Cambridge Primary
Author(s):Cherri Moseley, Janet Rees

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This teacher's resource for stage 2 will fully support teachers to get the best from their learners and effectively use the learner's book and games book. Detailed lesson plans based on the course objectives are offered, along with additional activity ideas. Teachers will be guided to formatively assess their learners' understanding. They will have the confidence to engage the class in mathematical discussion and encourage learners to justify answers and make connections between ideas. Answers to the learner's book and all photocopiable sheets required are provided. All book content, plus more, is included on the CD for convenience. Mac users please note that CD-ROMS don't autostart when used with Macs they will need to be started manually. If you have any queries please visit our customer support page or contact customer services.

1. The 100 square
2. Counting in twos, fives and tens
3. Number line to 100
4. Using a number line
5. Playing with 20
6. Adding and subtracting (1)
7. Arrays
8. Geometry and problem solving
9. Toys (1)
10. Sports
11. Let's start baking!
12. Hundreds, tens and ones
13. Estimating
14. Number patterns
15. Adding and subtracting (2)
16. Finding the difference
17. Grouping and sharing
18. What I love the most
19. Toys (2)
20. Jugs, cups and buckets
21. Investigating weight, length and time
22. More doubles
23. Threes and fours
24. Sums and differences
25. Fractions
26. Multiplying and dividing
27. Comparing numbers
28. Tangrams
29. Let's dance!
30. 2D shapes
31. Toys (3)
32. Astronauts and money.

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