Cambridge Primary Mathematics Word Problems DVD-ROM Stage 5


Author(s):Paul Harrison

Extension and enrichment for all through problem-solving and mathematical investigations.

Cambridge Primary Mathematics Word Problems Stage 5 provides a database of over 500 mathematical problems matched to the Cambridge Primary curriculum. Questions can be selected according to the level of difficulty, operation and topic, you create and customise differentiated activity sheets and whiteboard screens for the consolidation and practice of problem solving skills.


  • Find word problems appropriate to the needs of your pupils and develop tailored, differentiated activity sheets.
  • Activity sheets can be generated quickly for early finishers or to provide extra practice when needed.
  • Whiteboard-friendly screens are included so you can teach problem-solving skills or draw ideas together in the plenary.
  • Each DVD-ROM contains hundreds of word problems matched to each mathematical operation allowing for repeat practice and saving your time in having to invent new word problems.
  • Helps you embed the use and application of key calculation skills into your lessons.
  • Answers are included for the teacher, together with useful advice on teaching and learning problem-solving strategies.


Database of over 600 word problems
Interactive Whiteboard application
Advice on teaching problem-solving strategies
Help in using the DVD-ROM
Printable record sheets and problem-solving posters for the classroom.

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