Cambridge Primary Mathematics Stage 2 Learner’s Book


Qualification:Cambridge Primary
Author(s):Cherri Moseley, Janet Rees

This series is endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations and is part of Cambridge Maths.

Children will enjoy learning mathematics with this fun and attractive learner's book for stage 2. A variety of questions, activities, investigations and games that are designed to reinforce the concepts learnt in the core activities in the teacher’s guide and address misconceptions are included along with hints and tips. Clear, often pictorial, explanation of mathematical vocabulary will help children learn new terms whether they are native English speakers or second language speakers and great care has been made to ensure language is accessible.


Hints and tips provide further guidance and advice.

Fun and engaging activities, questions, investigations and games.

Links directly to the activities in the teacher's resource.

With non-native speakers in mind, great care has been made to ensure language is accessible and vocabulary is defined visually.


1. The 100 square
2. Counting in twos, fives and tens
3. Number line to 100
4. Using a number line
5. Playing with 20
6. Adding and subtracting (1)
7. Arrays
8. Geometry and problem solving
9. Toys (1)
10. Sports
11. Let's start baking!
12. Hundreds, tens and ones
13. Estimating
14. Number patterns
15. Adding and subtracting (2)
16. Finding the difference
17. Grouping and sharing
18. What I love the most
19. Toys (2)
20. Jugs, cups and buckets
21. Investigating weight, length and time
22. More doubles
23. Threes and fours
24. Sums and differences
25. Fractions
26. Multiplying and dividing
27. Comparing numbers
28. Tangrams
29. Let's dance!
30. 2D shapes
31. Toys (3)
32. Astronauts and money.

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