Cambridge Primary English Stage 4 Activity Book


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Subject(s):First Language English
Qualification:Cambridge Primary
Author(s):Sally Burt, Debbie Ridgard

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This write-in Activity Book includes the following features. Activities which support, enrich and reinforce the core teaching in the Learner's Book, using the same themes and texts to enhance comprehension. Activities which are designed to build, practise and consolidate the reading and writing skills of all learners. Further activities and games targeting specific grammar and language points, extra writing and spelling activities.

Unit 1. Storybook
Unit 2. Going deep
Unit 3. Mind pictures
Unit 4. Just imagine
Unit 5. Making the news
Unit 6. Sensational poems
Unit 7. What would you do?
Unit 8. Food for thought
Unit 9. Poems to ponder.

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