Cambridge International AS Level International History 1871–1945 Coursebook


Qualification:Cambridge AS and A Level
Author(s):Phil Wadsworth

Cambridge International AS Level History is a suite of three books that offer complete coverage of the Cambridge International AS Level History syllabus (code 9389).



Written in clear and accessible language, this title enables students to achieve highly in their AS examinations. Features include key questions, timelines, definitions of key terms, profile of key figures, notes to highlight significant points and formative questions to consolidate learning. Each chapter reinforces knowledge and builds skills using detailed study of primary and secondary sources. Comprehensive exam support is offered with each chapter concluding in exam-style questions relating to Paper 1 (Source Investigation Questions) and Paper 2 (Structured Essay questions). Further exam help is provided in the final Examination Skills chapter.


  • Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations.
  • Examination Skills chapter offers comprehensive support on exam techniques and preparation
  • Original source documents related to descriptive and contextual narrative.
  • Clear, concise layout to guide students through content and methodology.


1. International relations in an age of imperialism 1871–1918
The ‘scramble for Africa’
The emergence of the USA as a world power
The emergence of Japan as a world power
The alliance system in Europe
2. International relations in an age of uncertainty 1919–33
The peace settlements of 1919–20
Attempts to improve international relations
Problems in Europe 1919–33
American foreign policy
3. International relations in an age of extremism 1919–39
Mussolini’s foreign policy
Civil war in Spain
Hitler’s foreign policy
The road to war
4. China and Japan in an age of development 1919–45
The implications of the ‘warlord era’ 1916–28
The Kuomintang and its aims
Support for communism in China
Japan and military dictatorship during the 1930s
5. The search for international peace and security 1919–45
The origins and aims of the League of Nations
The organisation of the League of Nations
The successes and failures of the League of Nations
The origins and aims of the United Nations
6. Examination skills
What skills will examiners be testing and how?
Knowledge and understanding questions
Analysis and evaluation questions
Source-based questions
Examination technique