Cambridge International AS Level European History 1789–1917


Qualification:Cambridge AS and A Level
Author(s):Russell Williams

Cambridge International AS Level History is a suite of three books that offer complete coverage of the Cambridge International AS Level History syllabus (code 9389).


Written in clear and accessible language, this title covers the History of Europe from 1789 to 1917. Features include key questions, timelines, definitions of key terms, profile of key figures, notes to highlight significant points and formative questions to consolidate learning. Each chapter reinforces knowledge and builds skills using detailed study of primary and secondary sources to help students achieve their best. Exam support is offered in a final Examination Skills chapter offering advice on exam technique and how to approach source investigation and structured essay questions.


  • Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations.
  • Examinations Skills chapter offers comprehensive support on exam techniques and preparation.
  • Original source documents relate to descriptive/contextual narrative.
  • Clear, concise layout to guide students through content and methodology.


1. The French Revolution and Napoleon 1789–1804
The aims and domestic problems of French politicians 1789–95
The instability of French governments 1791–95
Napoleon Bonaparte's rise to power
Napoleon's domestic aims 1799–1804
2. The Industrial Revolution c.1800–50
Causes of the Industrial Revolution by 1800
What factors encouraged and discouraged industrialisation from 1800 to 1850?
The social effects of the Industrial Revolution on different classes
The political effects of the Industrial Revolution up to 1850
3. Liberalism and nationalism: Italy and Germany 1830–71
The rise of nationalism in Germany and Italy
Prussia and the unification of Germany
Italian leaders and the unification of Italy
4. The origins of the First World War
The development of the alliance system
Militarism and the naval race
Instability in the Balkans
Reasons for the outbreak of war in 1914
5. The Russian Revolution 1905–17
Russia at the beginning of the 20th century
The causes and immediate outcomes of the 1905 Revolution
The strengths and weaknesses of Romanov rule 1906–14
The causes of the February Revolution in 1917
The Bolsheviks' rise to power
6. Examination skills
What skills will examiners be testing and how?
Knowledge and understanding questions
Analysis and evaluation questions
Source-based questions
Examination technique

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