Cambridge International AS & A-Level Mathematics Probability and Statistics 1 Coursebook with Cambridge Online Mathematics


Format:Print/online bundle
Qualification:Cambridge AS and A Level
Author(s):Dean Chalmers, Julian Gilbey

This series has been developed specifically for the Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics (9709).


The coursebook provides clear explanations and practice exercises to help students master maths skills. This edition comes with a subscription to the Probability & Statistics 1 Cambridge Online Mathematics component. With all of the materials found within the coursebook, including answers, Cambridge Online Mathematics offers students the facility to demonstrate their working, as well as opportunities for self-assessment, and allows teachers to set classroom and homework exercises to individual students or classes, with the ability to track progress. The online resource requires internet access. For more information on how to use Cambridge Online Mathematics, please see inside the front cover.


  • Detailed coursebook with clear explanations and practice exercises alongside an intuitive digital resource offers students comprehensive materials to give them confidence when learning mathematics.
  • Exam-style questions and practice exam-style papers at the end of each chapter, as well as cross-topic review exercises, provide opportunities for assessment.
  • Creating tests, organizing classroom/homework activities is easy for teachers using the intuitive online interface and result tracker feature.
  • An internet connection is required to access all the benefits of Cambridge Online Mathematics.
  • For more information on how to use Cambridge Online Mathematics, please see inside the front cover.


1. Representation of data
2. Measures of central tendency
3. Measures of variation
Cross-topic revision exercise 1
4. Probability
5. Permutations and combinations
Cross-topic revision exercise 2
6. Probability distributions
7. The binomial and geometric distributions
8. The normal distribution
Cross-topic revision exercise 3
Practice Exam-Style Paper.

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