Cambridge IGCSE™ Mathematics Extended Practice Book


Qualification:Cambridge IGCSE
Author(s):Karen Morrison, Lucille Dunne

This Cambridge IGCSE® Mathematics Core and Extended series has been authored to meet the requirements of the Cambridge IGCSE® Mathematics syllabus (0580/0980)


This Extended practice book accompanies the Cambridge IGCSE® Mathematics Core and Extended Coursebook and provides students with additional practice activities focused on the skills required for the (0580/0980) syllabus. These activities are ideal as extra classroom materials, homework activities or for self-study. Answers are included at the back of the book to help students track their progress.


  • Additional practice exercises targeted at Extended level to help students consolidate and practise skills.
  • Follows the order of the coursebook to help students focus their practice.
  • Mixed exercises draw on a range of skills learnt to encourage students to think about the breadth of mathematics required to solve a problem.


Unit 1
1. Reviewing number concepts
2. Making sense of algebra
3. Lines, angles and shapes
4. Collecting, organising and displaying data
Unit 2. 5. Fractions and standard form
6. Equations and transforming formulae
7. Perimeter, area and volume
8. Introduction to probability
Unit 3. 9. Sequences and sets
10. Straight lines and quadratic equations
11. Pythagoras' theorem and similar shapes
12. Averages and measures of speed
Examination practice
Unit 4. 13. Understanding measurement
14. Further solving of equations and inequalities
15. Scale drawings, bearings and trigonometry
16. Scatter diagrams and correlation
Unit 5. 17
Managing money
18. Curved graphs
19. Symmetry
20. Histograms and frequency distribution diagrams
Unit 6. 21. Ratio, rate and proportion
22. More equations, formulae and functions
23. Vectors and transformations
24. Probability using tree diagrams and Venn diagrams
Examination practice

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