Cambridge IGCSE® ICT Coursebook with CD-ROM


Format:Mixed media product
Qualification:Cambridge IGCSE
Author(s):Victoria Wright, Denise Taylor

This comprehensive resource is written to cover the Cambridge IGCSE ICT syllabus (0417).


Cambridge IGCSE ICT Second Edition provides a complete course for developing and practising the skills required for students of the IGCSE ICT syllabus (0417). The coursebook contains detailed explanations of concepts, worked examples and exercises to consolidate knowledge. The accompanying CD-ROM contains the source files required to complete the practical tasks set in the chapters.



Clear learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter help students to chart their progress.

Practical exercises with accompanying source file for students to apply the skills they have learnt.

A comprehensive list of key terms appearing throughout the book to help learners understand and apply the correct terminology for ICT.



1. Types and components of computer systems
2. Input and output devices
3. Storage devices and media
4. Networks and the effects of using them
5. The effects of using IT
6. ICT applications
7. The systems life cycle
8. Safety and security
9. Audience
10. Communication
11. File management
12. Images
13. Layout
14. Styles
15. Proofing
16. Graphs and charts
17. Document production
18. Data manipulation
19. Presentation
20. Data analysis
21. Website authoring

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