Cambridge IGCSE™ First Language English Teacher’s Resource with Digital Access


Format:Print/online bundle
Subject(s):First Language English
Qualification:Cambridge IGCSE
Author(s):Marian Cox

Fully updated, flexible resources taking an active-learning approach that encourages students to aim higher in the 0500, 0524 and 0990 syllabuses.


With 24 pre-planned lessons, worksheets and answer keys, this print and digital bundle helps save you time and effort when teaching the course. In addition, the inclusion of reports, journals, speeches and interviews gives a range of text types in line with the revised syllabus. The six sections help develop reading and writing skills, such as narrative composition, directed writing and responding to reading. This resource contains the answers to the coursebook questions and from August 2018 comes with 12 progress checks you can download and print to use with your class.


  • The teacher’s resource is not mapped to the coursebook or language and skills practice book. This means teachers can supplement their lessons with the books, regardless of what other materials they are using.
  • Go directly to the resource index to download every file you need to deliver a specific unit or lesson, so you don’t have to rely on your internet connection.
  • Contains 24 units, each providing tasks for one double lesson of 90 minutes plus homework and optional additional tasks.
  • At the start of each unit, a skills and outcomes grid indicates the focus and resources required.
  • Lesson plans include advice on how tasks should be completed (as an individual, paired, small group or whole class), the form of the feedback (spoken or written, volunteered or requested) and how it should be assessed (self, peer, class or teacher).
  • Text types include reports, journals, speeches and interviews in line with the revised syllabus.
  • Photocopiable pages for easy lesson preparation.
  • Cambridge Elevate is simple to navigate and personalise - highlight text, annotate, create voice notes, or organise your table of contents.
  • This combined print and digital resource gives you the opportunity to teach how you want, whether using the book or your online app.



About the Teacher's Resource
Using the resource
Skills and AOs grid
Part 1 Comprehension and summary: Unit 1 A matter of time
Unit 2 The gentle touch
Unit 3 To board or not to board
Unit 4 Virtual existence
Part 2 Comprehension and Writers' effects: Unit 5 Colourful characters
Unit 6 Hide and seek
Unit 7 Same difference
Unit 8 Dislocation
Part 3 Response to Reading: Unit 9 Missing persons
Unit 10 Home and away
Unit 11 Of sharks and whales
Unit 12 Marital discord
Part 4 Directed writing & Coursework 1: Unit 13 Fur and against
Unit 14 Caught in the web
Unit 15 Praise or blame?
Unit 16 Community spirit
Part 5 Descriptive Composition & Coursework 2: Unit 17 Close observation
Unit 18 Seeing the future
Unit 19 Dream worlds
Unit 20 City portraits
Part 6 Narrative Composition & Coursework 3: Unit 21 Crucial decisions
Unit 22 Incredible tales
Unit 23 Framed
Unit 24 Just walking
CBK Answers.

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