Cambridge IGCSE™ First Language English Language and Skills Practice Book


Subject(s):First Language English
Qualification:Cambridge IGCSE
Author(s):Marian Cox

Fully updated, flexible resources taking an active-learning approach that encourages students to aim higher in the 0500, 0524 and 0990 syllabuses.


Explore the mysterious River Congo in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, meet Noppakhoa – the elephant who loves to paint, and learn fiery facts about rockets. Through interesting topics and exam-style questions, this write-in language skills and practice book provides students with the grammar practice they need for the course and beyond. The clear layout of the book makes focussing on particular grammatical concepts easy, allowing teachers to tailor lessons to their class. Suggested answers to questions are at the back of the book.


  • By using this practice book, students become familiar with a range of exam-style questions while gaining practice in writing in different voices and styles.
  • As requested by teachers, there is a strong focus on grammar, vocabulary and spelling, as well as a new grammar reference section.
  • The directed writing tasks give opportunities to practise a range of exam response genres: letter, news report, magazine article, interview, speech, formal report and journal.


Unit 1 Rocket science: Language: parts of speech, passive voice
Writing: news report, internet article
Unit 2 Bear essentials: Language: parenthesis, writer's effects
Writing: school magazine article, speech
Unit 3 Simply flying: Language: spelling, prefixes, dashes and hyphens
Writing: interview, job application letter
Unit 4 On the ball: Language: apostrophes, semicolons, spelling, speech punctuation, prefixes
Writing: dialogue, evaluative letter
Unit 5 Great rivers: Language: parts of speech, commas, sentence structures, fact v. opinion, writers' effects
Writing: dialogue, complaint letter
Unit 6 Elephant tales: Language: prefixes, synonyms, punctuation
Writing: news report, letter/email journal entry
Unit 7 Bricks and stones: Language: past tenses, relative clauses, prepositions, sentence punctuation, writer's effects
Writing: dialogue, news report, informative letter
Unit 8 Aiming high: Language: punctuation, homophones, spelling, writers' effects
Writing: news report
appeal letter
journal entry
formal report
Unit 9 In deep water: Language: writer's effects, inference, speech punctuation
Writing: encyclopedia entry, journal entry
formal report
Unit 10 Losing sleep: Language: writers' effects, raise/rise/arise, prepositions, conditionals, grammar structures
Writing: informative leaflet
formal report
Unit 11 Sub-zero: Language: synonyms, sentence structures, writers' effects, paraphrase
Writing: advertisement, letter/email, magazine article
Unit 12 Seeing double: Language: writers' effects, identifying bias, sentence structures
Writing: interview
formal report
Grammar and Punctuation Reference.

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