Cambridge IGCSE™ Enterprise Coursebook with Digital Access (2Yr)


Format:Print/online bundle
Subject(s):Business and Economics
Qualification:Cambridge IGCSE
Author(s):Medi Houghton, Matthew Bryant, Veenu Jain

The only endorsed resources for the Cambridge IGCSE® Enterprise (0454) syllabus.


Bringing the world of business into the classroom, this Cambridge Elevate edition and print coursebook help students identify, plan, implement and evaluate their enterprise projects. The print and digital resources have four sections based around the stages of the project with theory integrated throughout. This helps students relate their practical enterprise project with the academic principles of business. With a foreword from the specialists at Cambridge Judge Business School, this coursebook helps students appreciate Enterprise skills in the world around them and talk to business people in their communities. Suggested answers to the exam-style questions are in the teacher’s resource.


  • Personalise Cambridge Elevate editions to your needs – set homework, link to the web and share annotations with your class.
  • The coursebook is structured around the four stages of the coursework, supporting students and teachers with the aspect of the course they are least used to and most worried about.
  • International case studies, such as a dance academy in India and a charity in Zimbabwe, introduce students to enterprise around the world.
  • Exam-style questions help develop students’ skills and build their confidence with the subject.
  • Graphs and charts give students plenty of practice analysing different forms of information.
  • Project Prompts help students with their enterprise projects by linking theory to practice.
  • The free online teacher support helps to reassure teachers when delivering the course.
  • Cambridge Elevate is simple to navigate for both students and teachers – find notes quickly with highlights and bookmarks.
  • Simple and easy to use, link directly into Cambridge Elevate from Moodle, Blackboard and any other VLE.
  • Access a library of Cambridge books anywhere, anytime whether online or offline (via the app). For more information, please visit


Foreword from the Cambridge Judge Business School
Introduction to enterprise
Section 1: Identifying your enterprise project Chapter 1: Setting up a new enterprise
Chapter 2: The skills and behaviours of enterprising people
Chapter 3: Enterprise opportunities, risk, legal obligations and ethical considerations
Template 1: How to conduct a PEST analysis
Template 2: SWOT Analysis
Chapter 4: Market research
Template 3: Conducting market research
Section 2: Planning your enterprise project Chapter 5: Planning: objectives, business plans and action plans
Template 4: Action planning checklist
Chapter 6: Sources of finance
Template 5: Choosing sources of finance
Chapter 7: The concept of trade credit
Chapter 8: Financial terms and financial records: cash flow, break-even and income
Template 6: Projected Income and Expenditure
Chapter 9: Marketing: purpose, customer retention and marketing communications
Section 3: Implementing your enterprise project
Chapter 10: Negotiation
Chapter 11: Communication
Template 7: Planning and holding effective meetings
Chapter 12: Help and support for enterprise
Section 4: Evaluating your enterprise project
Chapter 13: Evaluating the success of your project

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