Cambridge IGCSE® Computer Science Coursebook


Subject(s):Computer Science
Qualification:Cambridge IGCSE
Author(s):Sarah Lawrey, Donald Scott

This resource is written to follow the updated Cambridge IGCSE® Computer Science syllabus 0478.


Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science Coursebook is designed to provide up to date and comprehensive material to cover recent developments in computer science. The content has been written by experienced IGCSE teachers and computer science trainers, offering readers support on the theoretical and practical aspects of the course. It contains detailed explanations of concepts, with examples and tasks to help students consolidate their skills.


  • Clearly written throughout to give students confidence in understanding complex materials.
  • Tasks and examples allow students to check and test their knowledge of the subject.
  • Provides a theoretical approach to problem solving and programming.


Part 1: Theory of Computer Science: 1. Data representation
2. Communication and Internet technologies
3. Computer architecture, languages and operating systems
4. Logic gates and circuits
5. Input devices
6. Sensors
7. Output devices
8. Memory, storage devices and media
9. Security
10. Ethics. Part 2: Practical Problem-solving and Programming
11. Problem solving and design without pseudocode
12. Pseudocode
13. Program design with pseudocode
14. Programming
15. Databases

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