Cambridge IGCSE™ Combined and Co-ordinated Sciences Physics Workbook


Subject(s):Combined Science
Qualification:Cambridge IGCSE
Author(s):David Sang

The Cambridge IGCSE® Combined and Co-ordinated Sciences series is tailored to the 0653 and 0654 syllabuses for first examination in 2019.


This Physics Workbook is tailored to the Cambridge IGCSE® Combined Science 0653 and Co-ordinated Sciences 0654 syllabuses for first examination in 2019 and is endorsed for learner support by Cambridge International Examinations. Covering both the Core and the Supplement material, this workbook contains exercises arranged in the same order as the coursebook. These are clearly marked according to the syllabus they cover and aim to develop students’ scientific skills. Answers are provided at the back of the book.



  • Exercises designed to develop skills in problem-solving and data handling, planning investigations and application of theory to practice to help them achieve their assessment objectives with confidence.
  • Answers to the exercises in the workbook are included at the back of the book to reinforce their knowledge to strengthen their knowledge.



P1. Making measurements
P2. Describing motion
P3. Forces and motion
P4. Turning effects of forces
P5. Forces and matter
P6. Energy transformations and energy transfers
P7. Energy resources
P8. Work and power
P9. The kinetic model of matter
P10. Thermal properties of matter
P11. Thermal (heat) energy transfers
P12. Sound
P13. Light
P14. Properties of waves
P15. Spectra
P16. Magnetism
P17. Electric charge
P18. Electrical quantities
P19. Electric circuits
P20. Electromagnetic forces
P21. Electromagnetic induction
P22. Atomic physics
Answers to workbook exercises.

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