Cambridge IGCSE® Business Studies Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM


Subject(s):Business Studies
Qualification:Cambridge IGCSE
Author(s):Medi Houghton, Mark Fisher

This revised set of resources for Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies syllabus 0450 (and Cambridge O Level Business Studies syllabus 7115)


Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies Teacher's Resource CD-ROM is written by experienced teachers and examiners, and provides comprehensive support to teachers. Teaching ideas offer help with lesson planning; worksheets with associated answers save precious time in preparing and setting homework; and further exemplar exam questions for all papers ensure teachers can help students to prepare for examinations. The resource also offers further guidance on syllabus and assessment and provides answers to all questions, activities and case studies contained in the Coursebook.


Scheme of work
Teaching ideas
Coursebook answers
Extra worksheets and answers
Exemplar exam papers
Section 1. Understanding Business Activity: 1. Business activity
2. Classification of businesses
3. Enterprise, business growth and size
4. Types of business organisation
5. Business objectives and stakeholder objectives
Section 2. People in Business: 6. Motivating workers
7. Organisation and management
8. Recruitment, selection and training of workers
9. Internal and external communication
Section 3. Marketing: 10. Marketing, competition and the customer
11. Market research
12. Marketing mix - product and price
13. Marketing mix - place and promotion
14. Marketing strategy
Section 4. Operations Management: 15. Production of goods and services
16. Costs, scale of production and break-even analysis
17. Achieving quality production
18. Location decisions
Section 5. Financial Information and Decisions: 19. Business finance - needs and sources
20. Cash-flow forecasting and working capital
21. Income statements
22. Balance sheets
23. Analysis of accounts
Section 6. External Influences on Business Activity: 24. Government economic objectives and policies
25. Environmental and ethical issues
26. Business and the international economy
27. Exam skills and techniques.

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