Cambridge IGCSE™ French as a Foreign Language Digital Coursebook (2 Years)


Format:Print/online bundle
Qualification:Cambridge IGCSE
Author(s):Danièle Bourdais, Geneviève Talon

A flexible suite of resources providing full coverage of the Cambridge IGCSE® French as a Foreign Language syllabus (0520)



With a skills-based approach and an international focus, this coursebook with audio CDs and Cambridge Elevate enhanced edition promotes a deeper understanding of the French language and culture. It includes 200+ auto-marked formative assessment questions and embedded audio. Engaging texts, images and audio enhance the activities in the coursebook and help students develop language skills. Exam-style questions and clear learning objectives encourage self-assessment and support students through the Cambridge IGCSE® French as a Foreign Language course. Cambridge Elevate enhanced editions are available online and on tablet devices through the Cambridge Elevate app.


  • 200+ formative assessment questions provide students with extra practice in the four language skills whilst supporting teachers with evaluating student progress. Assessment questions are auto-marked.
  • Cambridge Elevate editions are customisable and interactive, allowing students and teachers to annotate text, add audio notes and link out to external resources.
  • Skills-based approach provides students with language skills that they will retain beyond the scope of the examination.
  • Exam-style questions and clearly stated learning objectives promote self-assessment. The answers to the exam-style questions are provided in the teacher’s book.
  • Engaging activities, based on texts, images and audio help students acquire the language skills in a practical way.
  • Content completely in French.
  • Available online and on tablet devices through the Cambridge Elevate app.


Unit 0. Bienvenue en Francophonie !
Unit 1. Mon quotidien
Unit 2. La pleine forme
Units 1 & 2. Révisez bien !
Unit 3. Une famille à l’étranger
Unit 4. Faites la fête !
Units 3 & 4. Révisez bien !
Unit 5. Ma ville, demain… ?
Unit 6. La nature – amie, ennemie ou victime ?
Units 5 & 6 Révisez bien !
Unit 7. Bonjour de Francophonie !
Unit 8. L’école, et après ?
Units 7 & 8. Révisez bien !
Unit 9. Au travail !
Unit 10. À l’écoute du monde
Units 9 & 10. Révisez bien !
Unit 11. En voyage !
Unit 12. Jeune au XXIe siècle
Units 11 & 12. Révisez bien !

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