Cambridge IGCSE™ French as a Foreign Language Digital Coursebook with Audio CDs (2 Years)


Format:Mixed media product
Qualification:Cambridge IGCSE
Author(s):Danièle Bourdais, Geneviève Talon

A flexible suite of resources providing full coverage of the Cambridge IGCSE® French as a Foreign Language syllabus (0520)


With a skills-based approach and an international outlook, this coursebook with audio CDs promotes a deeper understanding of French language and culture in francophone countries around the world. Engaging texts, images and audio enhance the activities in the coursebook and help students develop language skills. Exam-style questions and clear learning objectives encourage self-assessment and support students through the Cambridge IGCSE® and O Level French as a Foreign Language course.


  • Students are taken on a journey around the francophone world through engaging texts, images and audio.
  • The skills-based approach and variety of activities help students to acquire language and develop communication skills in a practical way.
  • Exam-style questions and clearly stated learning objectives promote self-assessment. The answers to the exam-style questions are provided in the teacher's book.
  • Completely in French to immerse students in language and culture.


Unit 0. Bienvenue en Francophonie !
Unit 1. Mon quotidien
Unit 2. La pleine forme
Units 1 & 2. Révisez bien !
Unit 3. Une famille à l'étranger
Unit 4. Faites la fête !
Units 3 & 4. Révisez bien !
Unit 5. Ma ville, demain… ?
Unit 6. La nature – amie, ennemie ou victime ?
Units 5 & 6 Révisez bien !
Unit 7. Bonjour de Francophonie !
Unit 8. L'école, et après ?
Units 7 & 8. Révisez bien !
Unit 9. Au travail !
Unit 10. À l'écoute du monde
Units 9 & 10. Révisez bien !
Unit 11. En voyage !
Unit 12. Jeune au XXIe siècle
Units 11 & 12. Révisez bien !

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