Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Business Studies 5th edition Student Book


ISBN: 9781510421233
Published: 29/03/2018
Extent: 376 pages
Level: IGCSE



Discover business theory beyond the classroom by exploring real-world international businesses through case studies; rely on a tried-and-tested Student’s Book to ensure full coverage of the latest Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Business Studies syllabuses (0450/0986/7115).

– Encourage understanding with engaging case studies and clear and lively text gradually building content knowledge.
– Develop application and evaluation skills with hundreds of engaging activities and examination-style questions throughout.
– Deepen understanding through systematic syllabus coverage and a spiral structure revisiting material in a structured way.
– Navigate the syllabuses confidently with subject outlines clearly defined at the start of each chapter and syllabus-matching section headings.
– Check understanding with revision checklists enabling reflection, and suggested further practice.
– Reinforce learning with selected answers and additional multiple-choice questions as well as a glossary of key terms online.

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