Cambridge IGCSE™ and O Level Additional Mathematics Coursebook


Qualification:Cambridge IGCSE
Author(s):Sue Pemberton

These resources have been created for the Cambridge IGCSE® and O Level Additional Mathematics syllabuses (0606/4037).


This coursebook gives clear explanations of new mathematical concepts followed by exercises. This allows students to practise the skills required and gain the confidence to apply them. Classroom discussion exercises and extra challenge questions have been designed to deepen students’ understanding and stimulate interest in Mathematics. Answers to coursebook questions are in the back of the book.


Recap sections at the beginning of chapters remind students of what they already know and where this is applicable to learning new skills.

Class discussion exercises help students further their understanding of new concepts with opportunities for student reflection.

Clear worked examples guide students through new mathematical skills.


1. Functions
2. Simultaneous equations and quadratics
3. Indices and surds
4. Factors and polynomials
5. Equations, inequalities and graphs
6. Logarithmic and exponential functions
7. Straight-line graphs
8. Circular measure
9. Trigonometry
10. Permutations and combinations
11. Series
12. Differentiation 1
13. Vectors
14. Differentiation 2
15. Integration
16. Kinematics

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