Cambridge Global English Stage 8 Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM


Subject(s):English as a Second Language
Qualification:Cambridge Checkpoint
Author(s):Annie Altamirano

Cambridge Global English Stages 7-9 follow the Cambridge Lower Secondary English as a Second Language (ESL) Curriculum Framework.

Cambridge Global English Stages 7-9 is a good resource book for students who take English as a second language.


Teacher’s Resource 8 is organised into eighteen thematic units based on the Cambridge International Examinations English as a Second Language Scheme of Work for Stage 8. The resource provides teachers with a detailed introduction to the course and clear, comprehensive guidance notes for the Coursebook and Workbook, as well as answer keys and audioscripts. Differentiated instructions provide suggestions for additional support and practice activities and for extension activities. The Teacher’s Resource also includes additional photocopiable activities, with guidance notes.


  • The course takes an active, creative, ‘learning to learn’ approach that teaches learners to communicate clearly and fluently in English.
  • Comprehensive teaching notes and additional resources included.
  • Step-by-step guidance notes for each lesson in every unit of the Workbook and Coursebook, with answer keys and audioscripts.
  • Framework Correlation Chart to show full curriculum coverage.
  • Unit overview gives a snapshot of lesson objectives and language and skills covered.
  • Differentiated instructions, extension and assessment activities.
  • Additional vocabulary and spelling practice.


1. Languages of the world
2. E-communication
Review of Units 1–2
3. Rivers and coasts
4. Great expeditions
Review of Units 3–4
5. Sports and hobbies
6. Entertainment and media
Review of Units 5–6
7. Household routines
8. Habitat interactions
Review of Units 7–8
9. Buildings and structures
10. Design and shape
Review of Units 9–10
11. Personality types
12. People and their jobs
Review of Units 11–12
13. Shops and services
14. Possessions and personal space
Review of Units 13–14
15. Natural disasters
16. Survivors
Review of Units 15–16
17. Summer season
18. Using English
Review of Units 17–18.

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