Cambridge Global English Stage 7 Coursebook with Audio CD


Format:Mixed media product
Subject(s):English as a Second Language
Qualification:Cambridge Checkpoint
Author(s):Chris Barker, Libby Mitchell

Cambridge Global English Stages 7-9 follow the Cambridge Lower Secondary English as a Second Language (ESL) Curriculum Framework.

Global English Stages 7-9 is a good resource book for students who take English as a second language.


Coursebook 7 is organised into eighteen thematic units based on the Cambridge International Examinations Scheme of Work for Stage 7. The topics and situations in Cambridge Global English have been selected to reflect this diversity and encourage learning about each other’s lives through the medium of English. It presents realistic listening, speaking, reading and writing tasks, as well as end-of-unit projects similar to those students might encounter in the context of a first-language school. After every other unit, there is a literature spread, featuring authentic prose, poetry, plays and songs from a variety of sources. CEFR Level - low B1


  • 9 review units offer the opportunity to check and assess progress.
  • 18 thematic units
  • Literature spreads, featuring authentic prose, poetry, plays and songs from a variety of sources.
  • Skills-based approach to language learning.
  • Language Tip features highlight valuable linguistic points.
  • 'Did you know?' features help students understand cultural nuances of language use.
  • 'Use of English' features focus on key grammatical structures which are then practised in the unit.
  • Audio CD with recordings of literature texts and dialogues in Stage 7.


1. Meeting and greeting
2. Personal identity
Review of Units 1–2
3. Clothing and accessories
4. Outdoor pursuits
Review of Units 3–4
5. Transport systems
6. Using maps
Review of Units 5–6
7. Health, food and exercise
8. All living things
Review of Units 7–8
9. World records
10. Parts and percentages
Review of Units 9–10
11. We're going on holiday!
12. Climate and the environment
Review of Units 11–12
13. In and out of school
14. Local community
Review of Units 13–14
15. Settling America
16. The Silk Road
Review of Units 15–16
17. Festivals around the world
18. Using English
Review of Units 17–18.

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