Cambridge Foundation Phase Science Teachers Resource


Support the materials from the Activity and Story Books with concise teaching notes and practical activity suggestions, based on a mastery approach.

-Gain clarity on the mastery approach and how it works to embed understanding of popular science themes in the Early Years setting with clear background information.
-Ensure full coverage of units with unit overviews and links to the Cambridge Primary Stage 1 curriculum framework, and the Early Years Foundation Stage Early Learning Goals for science (within the Knowledge and Understanding of the World strand).
-Introduce, practise and consolidate the objectives covered in the Activity and Story Books with practical activities, including success criteria linked to the Early Learning Goals that are covered.
-Link across all resources in the series with ease using references to the relevant pages in the Activity and Story Books.
-Save time planning lessons and support activities with photocopiable resources.

Inspire confidence in young scientists and prepare them to start the Cambridge Primary curriculum framework.

Explore, support and consolidate early years science themes with a Foudation Stage Science series based on the mastery approach.

This series has not been through the Cambridge International endorsement process.