Cambridge Checkpoint Mathematics Coursebook 9


Qualification:Cambridge Checkpoint
Author(s):Greg Byrd, Lynn Byrd, Chris Pearce

Written by well-respected authors, the Cambridge Checkpoint Mathematics suite provides a comprehensive structured resource which covers the full Cambridge Secondary 1 Mathematics framework in three stages.


Written by well-respected authors, the suite provides a comprehensive, structured resource which covers the full Secondary 1 Mathematics framework and seamlessly progresses into the next stage. This brightly illustrated Coursebook for Stage 9 offers a comprehensive introduction to all topics covered in the syllabus. Worked examples show students how to tackle different problems, and plenty of exercise questions prepare students for the different types of question they will face in their exam. Coverage of the Problem Solving framework is integrated throughout the course, with questions relating to the framework statements highlighted in the Coursebook and Practice Book.


Unit 1. Integers, powers and roots
Unit 2. Sequences and functions
Unit 3. Place value, ordering and rounding
Unit 4. Length, mass, capacity and time
Unit 5. Shapes
Unit 6. Planning and collecting data
Unit 7. Fractions
Unit 8. Constructions, shapes and Pythagoras' theorem
Unit 9. Expressions and formulae
Unit 10. Processing and presenting data
Unit 11. Percentages
Unit 12. Tessellations, transformations and loci
Unit 13. Equations and inequalities
Unit 14. Ratio and proportion
Unit 15. Area, perimeter and volume
Unit 16. Probability
Unit 17. Bearings and scale drawing
Unit 18. Graphs
Unit 19. Interpreting and discussing results
End-of-year review

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