Cambridge Checkpoint English Coursebook 9


Subject(s):First Language English
Qualification:Cambridge Checkpoint
Author(s):Marian Cox

The Cambridge Checkpoint English suite provides a comprehensive, structured resource which covers the Secondary 1 framework for English and seamlessly progresses into the next key stage (covered by our Cambridge IGCSE® First Language English series).


A lively, colourful Coursebook for Stage 9, which includes activities to develop Reading and Writing skills, with integrated Speaking and Listening tasks. It contains 12 themed units with a full range of stimulus materials, including a balance of fiction and non-fiction from around the world.


  • 12 themed units designed to appeal to students (aged 13–14).
  • Each unit starts with an introduction to prepare students for what they will learn in the unit, followed by a starter activity.
  • Each unit culminates in a piece of extended writing or a presentation.
  • Rigorous language practice and teaching of key concepts.
  • Coverage of the five framework content areas: Phonics, Spelling and Vocabulary; Grammar and Punctuation; Reading; Writing; Speaking and Listening.
  • Engaging activities to develop reading and writing skills.
  • Integrated speaking and listening tasks.
  • A full range of stimulus materials, including a wide variety of text types, with fiction and non-fiction from around the world.
  • Key point boxes to explain and remind students of important learning points relating to curriculum skills.
  • Tip boxes to give guidance and support for specific activities or provide useful information.


Unit 1. Art, Design and Fashion: Speech
News article
Informative articles
encyclopedia entry
magazine article
Unit 2. Modern Living: Magazine articles
Advisory texts
Unit 3. Language and Communication: Newspaper articles
Web article
Unit 4. Division and Conflict: Anthem
Protest song
Novel extract
Unit 5. Facing the Future: Film
Review extracts
Novel extract
Short story opening
Short story
Magazine article
Reflective letter
Unit 6. Making choices: Poem
Magazine article
Drama extracts
Reflective prose poem
Fairy tale
Unit 7. Education Matters: Magazine articles
Newspaper article
Satirical dramatic monologue poem
Drama extract
Unit 8. Caring and Sharing: Fact list
News and magazine articles
Fictional autobiography extract
Diary extracts
Appeal letter
Charity magazine
Website information
Unit 9. Crime and Law: Public information brochure
Extract from detective novel
News article
Short story extract
Complete short stories
Unit 10. All in a Day's Work: Day in life monologues
Novel extract
Week's diary entries
Unit 11. Wings and Wheels: Biographical article
Novel extract
Informative article
Magazine article
Product review
Unit 12. Seeing Things Differently: Informative article
Novel extract
Day in the life monologue
Web articles

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