Approaches to learning and teaching Art & Design is the perfect companion for teachers who want to understand key teaching techniques and use them to create effective and engaging lessons. Considering the local and global contexts when planning and teaching a syllabus, the title presents ideas for art and design with practical examples that help put teaching theory into practice. Teachers can download online tools for lesson planning from our website. This book is ideal support for those new to teaching or wanting to refresh their ideas, and for those studying professional development qualifications or PGCEs.


  • Highly practical, this resource saves teacher-planning time with lesson ideas available to download from our supporting website.
  • Contains ideas for classroom activities, differentiation, active learning, reflective practice and formative assessment.
  • Presents ideas and practical classroom examples in the subject context.
  • Gives examples based on recent pedagogical best practice and helps teachers put theory into practice.
  • Teachers benefit from the shared global insights of both Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment International Education.


1 Introduction to the series by the editors
2 Purpose and context
3 The nature of the subject
4 Key considerations
5 Interpreting a syllabus
6 Active learning
7 Assessment for Learning
8 Metacognition
9 Language awareness
10 Inclusive education
11 Teaching with digital technologies
12 Global thinking
13 Reflective practice
14 Understanding the impact of classroom practice on student progress
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