Stepping into Cape Town

As I woke up in the beautiful Mother city this morning to present a seminar on Cambridge, Father showed me this picture of resting. Something I clearly need! Something we all need.

The message is not just off resting and slowing down but resting at His feet and trusting Him when it comes to our children’s education. It is often such a difficult decision to make, because we are petrified of making the wrong decisions.

Often people chase results, and prepare their children for exams rather than enjoying the journey getting there. Getting our children through Grade 12 should not be a race but a journey filled with living life through His eyes, enjoying the precious moments we have with our children, and slowing down to love them deeply more than anything else.

I find that as parents our goals are to just get them through the work, and in the end it is just a goal filled with emptiness and sadness. Our goal should be to engage, love and enjoy this journey called homeschooling. Is this not after all why we started this journey in the first place? Our call to take our children home should not just be that of schooling at home, but a calling of loving them, easing pain and trauma, and becoming one with them again. Getting to know our kids should be our main goal.

Yes education is extremely important to me, and I am a very driven mommy. But how is this defined? Am I driving my kids to just achieve results or am I to slow down and love them with my entire being. Today I choose to still give them the best education filled with the drive to slow down the journey.

I choose to not create gaps and do good for my kids, I choose to love them and be their mom first, I choose to slow down and appreciate the fact that I can hold them closer a little longer and just linger there a moment or two.

Let our main goal be to help our children understand what they do, work at their pace and keep our love on in the process. Father showed me so clearly 2 weeks ago, how not just the system and kids at school can cause trauma to our children, but we as parents being with them everyday could cause more trauma than anyone else. The quick impatient words we utter so quickly without thinking, the sighs we often make, the expression on our face when they just don’t understand something as quick as we wish for them to understand, and so many more.

Let’s all make the decision today as homeschooling parents, to slow down the process, love our children deeply, become more patient and understanding and cherish this journey called homeschooling.

Let’s sit closer to Fathers feet and just linger a little longer. May we truly guard our hearts and those of our children’s, for it truly is the well spring of life.

Much love and blessings.


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