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I am Shanelle da Costa, a homeschooling Mom,  (read about my journey under the “About Us” heading).  I guide and support homeschooling parents transitioning over to the Cambridge Curriculum.  It can be a very daunting process with a lot of uncertainty.  I support you step by step with transitioning over to the Cambridge Curriculum.  I explain the process and how to approach the curriculum in my information sessions which covers everything you need to know from Foundation Phase to University level.

We assess students ensuring that they transition on the correct level as this International curriculum is more advance than the South African Curriculums.  As per new legislation we provide yearly assessments ensuring that parents have a progress report to provide as proof of their years work.  These assessments do not only provide results, but provide gaps to be covered before continuing with the next level, to ensure understanding.  Gaps in your children’s education could prove disastrous as per my own personal experience.  We offer these assessments to ensure that no one else has to experience the same traumatic experience.

We provide all our clients with the textbooks to approach this curriculum correctly according to their assessment results.  All the endorsed textbooks for this International curriculum can be bought on this platform as well under “Shop”.  The only endorsed resources are CUP, Hodder and Collins.  We provide the Oxford publications, but these titles are not endorsed by the providers of the curriculum.  Be careful for publications which says Cambridge but are actually Caps textbooks.

If you need assistance with homeschooling and how to approach this new season in your life then scroll through our parent courses to guide you.  These sessions are packed with real life experiences and information which is sure to make your transition and journey a lot smoother.  My blog also provides a lot of real life experiences throughout this season in my life and that of our family and guidance I have received from a Higher source.

Should you need any assistance with subject choices, or textbooks or anything Cambridge related you are welcome to complete the “Contact us” below with your personalised message to assist you properly.

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Education has always been important to me, and after homeschooling my children for many years I have realized the need for parents to receive the correct information to guide them through, what could be a trying and stressful journey.  Cambridge and education in general is a great passion of mine and ensuring that we as parents provide the best possible education on an affordable budget, became part of my daily life, which is part of a much bigger testimony.

I learnt so much from all the mistakes I made and from all the incorrect information I have been given when I started homeschooling my children.  So sharing my journey and ensuring other parents did not have to repeat the same mistakes, became an important aspect of who I am.  Assisting and advising parents with guidance became part of my daily life and when it started taking over my daily routine I realized how desperately parents needed this guidance and assistance, which is how the new leg of HeartGuardian was realized.  Assisting parents with private consultations and assessments of their children is now offered to all parents in need of assistance.

Realizing the many misconceptions regarding Cambridge like; the high cost and that it is only for brainy children, to mention just a few, I made it my mission to inform parents otherwise and assist them which gave birth to the seminars being held across South Africa in all the provinces.

I have published a Cambridge information guide to assist the parents and providing a step by step guide following the Cambridge route.  This guide is available in our online shop.

Guarding the hearts of parents and children alike became a big part of what I do and through the assistance and guidance of my Heavenly Father this journey has become a hugely important part of who I am, and has touched my heart and life in more ways than one.


“I received the Heart Guardian details from a friend of mine. After deciding to put my two daughters on the Cambridge Curriculum I did not know where to start. Shanelle was so helpful from day one and she scheduled a telephonic consultation immediately where she explained and guided me through the whole process. I was able to do assessments for both children through the Heart Guardian to enable them to start on the correct levels.  I was able to order all the necessary texts books directly from them. She also invited me to a Zoom presentation explaining the curriculum even further, without charging me.  Shanelle is always available for advice and guidance and I will definitely recommend using Heart Guardian for your Cambridge journey”!     

Vanessa van Wyk

Western Cape


Our blog was created to give parents some extra advice and guidance about how to approach the homeschooling lifestyle.

The blogs are written from all the research I have done over the years and from personal experience. I trust they will be of value to you and assist you in your growth as a homeschooling parent and this new season of your life.

Latest blog posts

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A great big hearty welcome to all our users.  I am Shanelle da Costa, a homeschooling parent of 3 children.  My eldest 25, my middle child 18 and my youngest 11.  Yes, I clearly had nothing to do with the planning!  My eldest daughter obtained her Civil Engineering...

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