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Education has always been important to me, and after homeschooling my children for many years I have realized the need for parents to receive the correct information to guide them through, what could be a trying and stressful journey.  Cambridge and education in general is a great passion of mine and ensuring that we as parents provide the best possible education on an affordable budget, became part of my daily life, which is part of a much bigger testimony.

I learned from the many mistakes I made when I started schooling my children and sharing my journey became an important aspect of who I am.  Assisting and advising parents with guidance became part of my daily life and when it started taking over my daily routine I realized how desperately parents needed this guidance and assistance, which is how the new leg of HeartGuardian was realized.  Assisting parents with private consultations and assessments of their children is now offered to all parents in need of assistance.

Realizing the many misconceptions regarding Cambridge like; the high cost and that it is only for brainy children, to mention just a few, I made it my mission to inform parents otherwise and assist them which gave birth to the seminars being held across South Africa in all the provinces.

I have published a Cambridge information guide to assist the parents and providing a step by step guide following the Cambridge route.  This guide is available in our online shop.

Guarding the hearts of parents and children alike became a big part of what I do and through the assistance and guidance of my Heavenly Father this journey has become a hugely important part of who I am, and has touched my heart and life in more ways than one.

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    Publishers include: Primary Check Point; Lower Secondary Check Point; Upper Secondary IGCSE; Advanced Level AS + A

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